Krug Vintage 2003

La Maison Krug illustra la straordinaria avventura di un idealista, Joseph Krug, un uomo determinato, con una filosofia che non ammetteva compromessi, che comprese che l’essenza dello Champagne è il piacere in sé. Voleva offrire ai suoi clienti il massimo del piacere dello Champagne, ogni anno, indipendentemente dai mutamenti climatici. Joseph Krug fondò la prima e sola Maison in grado di offrire una gamma di Champagne di pari e indiscussa qualità e unicità.

Il Vintage 2003
Krug decided to create a vintage for this particular year and named it “Vivacité Solaire” (Vivacious Radiance) to relate an unexpected story of a hot year that surprised Krug with fruit, freshness, balance, expressiveness, vivacity and finesse, all at the same time. Krug 2003 is only possible thanks to the unique, detailed approach of the House of Krug to creating Champagnes. As with all Krug Champagnes, Krug 2003 will continue to gain with the passage of time.
The Krug 2003 really impresses with its unique harmony. This is a wine structured not so much around its acid backbone as much as it’s structured around its power and generosity. There’s an absolutely gorgeous and complex weave to the wine. It boasts a rich mellowness, luscious spice with tones of butterscotch, hazelnuts and the like.
It’s this power that makes Krug 2003 one of the most pleasurable young vintages that we’ve tasted. Its drinking window will be long and wide open. For me, 2003 firmly establishes Krug’s mastery. They took a curveball vintage, swung for the fences, and hit it out of the ballpark. They created something that is a singular and fascinating expression of Krug’s house style.